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Capital Report: 04-03-2019

A measure that would require minors to receive parental consent before getting an abortion cleared its second House committee Wednesday [today]. Shawn Mulcahy has the story.

Florida’s elections once again made headlines last year amid several hotly-contested races. Now the state house and senate are pushing bills to change the process for the future.  Blaise Gainey has more.

Ryan Dailey has been following the somewhat parallel – but still different – budget discussions in both legislative chambers.  He gives Tom Flanigan a progress report as the time approaches for reconciliation.

As the legislative session continues in the Florida capitol, advocates question if lawmakers are putting climate change at the forefront of issues. Kevin Del Orbe [del-Or-bay] reports has more.

Florida lawmakers hope to fill a teaching shortage by making it easier for people to become teachers. Lynn Hatter has that.

Gina Jordan hits the expected highlights coming up at the Capitol.

Lawmakers say residents should have a chance to trim and take down damaged trees before hurricanes do. Regan McCarthy reports.