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Capital Report: 03-26-2019

Florida lawmakers say they want to crack down on human trafficking—specifically sex trafficking. And the legislature is considering increasing penalties on those who solicit for prostitution. Lynn Hatter reports bills now on the move would tackle both issues simultaneously.

In November voters in Florida restored voting rights for felons who have completed their sentence and did not commit a murder or sexual offense should be restored. Now 4 weeks into session lawmakers are trying to pass legislation that is meant to help execute what the voters asked for. Blaise Gainey sat down with clemency lawyer Reggie Garcia in an attempt to better define exactly what it was that voters approved.

A bill to replicate Miami’s needle exchange program statewide is inching closer to passing the Florida Legislature. Ryan Dailey reports it cleared its first committee hurdle Tuesday in the House.

Florida lawmakers are looking to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. Morgan Martin has more on why the bill has gained attention in the senate.

This is Children’s Week at the Florida Capitol.  That also involved a meeting of the Florida Children & Youth Cabinet this week to talk about children’s needs, from mental to dental health. Casey Chapter tells us more.

Significant bill action is taking place at the Capitol this week as Gina Jordan gives us a look ahead.

Florida lawmakers are once again pushing to update how official documents like wills are notarized. Regan McCarthy has more…..