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Capital Report: 11-09-2018

It seemed as though the tight race for U.S. Senate was a done deal on Election Night.  Governor Rick Scott was out to unseat incumbent Senator Bill Nelson.  WGCU’s Rachel Iacovone (yah-ku-VOAN-ee) was at the presumptive victor’s watch party.

Certainly Florida’s U.S. Senate contest isn’t the only bone of contention. On Election Day, Andrew Gillum narrowly lost his bid to be the first black governor in the state’s history, as well as being the first Democratic governor in two decades.  WLRN’s Jessica Bakeman spent the last few days of the campaign with Gillum supporters in Tallahassee.

About two-hundred people crowded into a North Fort Myers restaurant on Tuesday night to support two Republican candidates at an election watch party.  WCGU’s Andrea (AHN-dray-uh) Perdomo was there, too.

Regan McCarthy and Ryan Dailey talk with Tom Flanigan about the latest developments as three statewide races seem headed for a recount amidst accusations of fraud and competing lawsuits.

For the last couple of years, scientists and divers in South Florida have been watching as a new disease has been spreading along Florida reefs.  It’s a water-borne pathogen that kills stony corals.  They’re the big ones that serve as the foundation for the reefs.  Scientists don’t know what caused the outbreak, but they DO know that the number of different kinds of corals it attacks – and the rate they’re dying from it – is unprecedented.  But so is the response.  WLRN’s Nancy Klingener talked to Andy Bruckner from the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary about what scientists are doing – and what anyone who dives can do – to help.