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Capital Report: 03-23-2018

Once again, the latest effort to reform Florida’s gun laws failed. It was in response to last month’s deadly mass school shooting in South Florida. As Sascha Cordner reports, as some clamored for an assault weapons ban and more background checks, Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission refused to take up any measures that would do that.

Four key Constitution Revision Commission proposals that could impact K-12 education are a step closer to being in front of voters in November. Ryan Dailey has the latest.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says opioid abuse is a serious issue across the state of Florida and the country. 2016 data shows more than 100 people died every day from drug abuse and Sessions says when the 2017 data is released, he expects to see that number climb. But Regan McCarthy reports the attorney general outlined plans he says could help curb that trend in 2018.

Governor Rick Scott and state lawmakers hope a new law will end fights between hospitals over establishing new trauma centers. Lynn Hatter reports the law is a compromise between key players in Florida’s hospital industry.

The Florida Legislature has grown tired of the Department of Health’s lack of progress on medical marijuana rules. The frustration has led DOH to conduct a series of workshops to move forward on the issue. The most recent one focused on pesticide use. Andrew Quintana reports.

A coalition of North Florida mental health providers is drawing up plans to provide those services directly to the region’s public schools.  Tom Flanigan has that story.