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Capital Report: 03-05-2018

The entire Florida Senate held a rare weekend meeting to hash out various responses to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.  To say that what came out of that meeting was definite would be a vast overstatement.  Indeed, senators were back at work today trying to lock down various details of their school safety proposal.  Even as this edition of Capital Report was being readied for air, the situation was extremely fluid.  And that’s pretty much the way the situation has been all along.  We flash back to last week when survivors of the school shooting and their families came to Tallahassee for a lobby day.  They began with high hopes they might be able to wield some influence over gun safety legislation.  But instead, as we hear from Jessica Bakeman from member station WLRN, they found the process confusing and at times upsetting during their twelve hours at the Capitol.

So where are we now in the process?  For that we check in with Sascha Cordner who followed the senate's debate over the weekend.

The Florida Senate passes a sweeping education bill and sends it to the House, where Speaker Corcoran has made passage a priority.  Lynn Hatter reports that many of those involved with public education in Florida are very unhappy with the measure.

Momentum has stalled for a bill that would have allowed human trafficking victims to sue hotels that do not take action and train their employees to prevent such atrocities.  As Ryan Dailey tells us, the measure’s sponsor isn’t saying why she pulled the bill.

A week ago, leaders in the House and Senate said a gambling overhaul this session was unlikely, since the budget and school and gun safety measures would take priority. But Regan McCarthy reports the House passed its chambers version of a gambling bill Monday.