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Capital Report: 01-27-2016

House lawmakers seem to be whistling past the graveyard—preparing to push forward on a billion dollars in tax cuts similar to those championed by Governor Rick Scott.  But Nick Evans reports recent projections from state economists mean those efforts could face major headwinds.

A divided Florida House Wednesday signed off on an industry backed bill that critics say will pave the way for fracking in Florida.  The controversial oil and gas drilling technique involves pumping water and chemicals more than a mile beneath the Floridan Aquifer, where the state gets most of its water.  Jim Ash has the details. Late Wednesday the House passed the measure 73 to 45.

A bill initially aimed at protecting the witnesses to a felony crime has now gone through another change in the House, after passing a second committee. Sascha Cordner reports.

Florida parents, students, teachers, administrators and most importantly lawmakers, appear fed up with the Florida Standards Assessment. The exam has mostly replaced the FCAT as the state’s public school test. But as Lynn Hatter reports, a proposal to give districts on option on whether to administer the FSA or an alternative, is catching heat from anti-testing organizations.

Former Yahoo exec Jeremy Ring helped build the modern tech landscape.  Now, as Kate Payne tells us, the Florida senator wants high schools to teach computer coding.

When it comes to fantasy sports, lawmakers are divided. While some call it gambling, others aren’t so sure it qualifies. And while some say the Department of Business and Professional Regulation should oversee it, others would put it under the purview of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services—which is responsible for sweepstakes. But Regan McCarthy reports lawmakers are unified in one respect, they don’t want to make it a crime.