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Capital Report: 11-06-2015

Senators from across the state revolted Thursday after leadership pitched a district map drawn in the house.  Nick Evans reports this is the second time this year the state Legislature has ended a special session without agreeing on a map.

Florida’s appellate and Supreme Court magistrates could face more restrictions on the length of time they can serve. A proposed constitutional amendment to impose judicial term limits has started working its way through the statehouse, but as Lynn Hatter reports, some are skeptical of the motives behind the effort.

Florida Governor Rick Scott wants to find more ways to grow jobs in Florida and he looks to be turning to money for an answer. Regan McCarthy reports the governor is proposing 1-billion dollars in tax cuts, and 250-million dollars for economic incentives.

Florida lawmakers are considering different ways to help the state’s juvenile offenders. As Sascha Cordner reports, the aim is to help them succeed in life and make sure they don’t head to the prison system.

When it comes to registering voters, Northeast Florida has a few things figured out. Four of the state’s top-5 counties with the highest voter-registration rates are in the same area.  Lindsey Kilbride from member station WJCT in Jacksonville looked into some of the tricks of the trade election supervisors are using to add voters to the rolls. But she finds, voter registration doesn't always translate to high turnout on Election Day.

Two Florida lawmakers are moving forward with plans that could open the door to fracking in Florida. Representatives Ray Rodrigues of Fort Myers and Cary Pigman of Sebring say the plans would delay fracking until a study is conducted. But critics say they want to ban fracking entirely. Kate Payne reports.