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Capital Report: 09-11-2015

More than 500 police and first responders came to the Florida Public Safety Institute in rural North Florida this week to hear how Broward County is handling a deadly epidemic of the designer drug Flakka. As Jim Ash reports, the lesson wasn’t pretty.

The head of Florida’s child welfare agency as well as some state lawmakers are renewing a push towards mental health and substance abuse reform in connection with protecting kids in the state’s care. Sascha Cordner reports.

Florida’s health insurance market for next year is beginning to take shape, and there will be cost increases. But as Lynn Hatter reports, that’s not the part that’s raising eyebrows. In Florida, managed care health plans will dominate the market place, and the emergence of a new system, has some wondering, what is an EPO?

Nick Evans talks with Tom Flanigan about what’s likely to happen during the upcoming Legislative Committee Week activities in Tallahassee.

Florida is expecting a budget surplus this year. Legislative leaders have suggested that money should be earmarked for education or handed back to Floridians in the form of tax breaks. But Regan McCarthy reports the state’s attorney general is hoping some of that money will be used to support the testing of what she estimates are thousands of untested DNA samples stacking up in crime labs.

The big Labor Day beach rush is over, but most of Florida’s beaches remain popular year-round.  Despite the attraction, some beachgoers are concerned about waterborne dangers such as sharks.  But, as Lottie Watts with member station WUSF in Tampa tells us, the real danger along Florida’s coasts may be invisible to the naked eye.