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Capital Report: 03-23-2015

A battle involving the pharmaceutical industry, patients and doctors has found its way into the Florida legislature. At issue: whether patients should have to deal with alternative medications and how much say prescription drug plans have on treatment. Lynn Hatter reports.

Are you seeing dollar signs? No need to get your eyes checked. It’s probably just a side effect from a proposed Florida bill that would let eye doctors and other retailers set their own price for contact lenses. Regan McCarthy reports some say that could mean big sales.

It’s been seven years since 23-year-old Rachel Hoffman was murdered by drug dealers while working undercover for the Tallahassee Police Department  -- and her father says not enough has changed.  As Jim Ash reports, a Senate panel Monday agreed to strengthen the law that bears her name and give confidential informants greater protection.

A bill setting up a needle exchange pilot program in South Florida to help reduce HIV-AIDS is now starting to move in both chambers of the Legislature, after passing its first Senate committee Monday. Sascha Cordner reports.

Getting around and getting a room has changed a bit in recent years thanks to the growth of companies like Uber and Airbnb.  But what if there’s an accident?  Nick Evans reports Florida Senators are working on changing the state’s insurance laws to accommodate these new business models.

After a flurry of court hearings taking aim at the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, the agency must now rewrite some of its rules on how disability funding is allocated. As Matthew Seeger reports, a workshop held today (Monday) on the iBudget is just one small step in a much longer narrative.”

Some well-known movies like Magic Mike and Edward Scissorhands were filmed in Florida.  But the place once called the “Hollywood of the South” has been struggling to compete with other states’ incentives, Vanity Duran reports on an effort to revise the state’s tax credits for film productions in Florida.