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Capital Report: 01-16-2015

A former Florida Department of Law Enforcement official is accusing Governor Rick Scott of political payback after he removed Gerald Bailey as head Of FDLE. It’s not unusual for a governor to shuffle agency heads at the start of a second term, but as Lynn Hatter reports, in Bailey’s case, the issue is about how and why his departure occurred.

Despite a victorious election season, the current Republican Party of Florida’s chair is facing what looks to be a tough fight for her own reelection this Saturday. Regan McCarthy has more

As the Florida Legislature returns next week, a bipartisan duo of lawmakers could be looking at making some more changes on top of a new law overhauling Florida’s child welfare agency. As Sascha Cordner reports, it could include changes to the state’s abuse hotline, after the recent tragic death of a five-year-old girl whose father is accused of throwing her over a bridge.

They may be the strangest political bedfellows under the sun. But as Jim Ash reports, a band of Tea Party activists, Christian conservatives and environmentalists have found common ground – solar energy and deregulation.

It seems there’s new trouble brewing for Florida’s small but growing craft beer industry.  The Florida Retail Federation is challenging a long-standing exception to the state’s licensing rules that allows a brewery to sell beer in on-site ‘tasting’ or ‘tap’ rooms.  But Nick Evans reports this isn’t the only attack the state’s rules have drawn.