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Capital Report: 04-29-2014

The Florida Senate will weigh in on whether undocumented immigrants can be charged the lower in-state tuition rate at the state’s public colleges and universities.  Lynn Hatter’s been following the action.

In the last several days, a number of bills aimed at helping Florida’s criminal justice and juvenile justice systems have passed in both chambers of the state Legislature. As Sascha Cordner reports, the measures range from preventing inmate escapes to revamping the juvenile justice system.

Crossing County lines before committing a crime could soon carry stiffer penalties. But Regan McCarthy reports it won’t result in the double felony charge lawmakers had attached to the bill earlier this year.

A controversial bill meant to clarify the operation of small brewers in Florida passed the Senate Tuesday.  But as Nick Evans reports, many see the bill as an attempt to limit the growth of the craft brewing industry.