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Since 1996, Bill Proctor has been the Leon County commissioner representing District One (view district map).  In the upcoming November election, he’ll face a challenger, Florida State University student Jasmine Ali.  Mr. Proctor was invited to be on the program but did not attend.  Ms. Ali discussed her background, qualifications and views on the issues facing the district during the course of the program.

Perspectives: Prescribed Burns

Jul 5, 2018

The recent and devastating fire near Eastpoint in Franklin County has led to a larger discussion about prescribed burns.  Talking about it are: Kevin Hiers and Dr. Kevin Robertson from the Tall Timbers Research Station; and Dr. David Godwin with the Southern Fire Exchange at the University of Florida.

Perspectives: Preventing a Local Opioid Crisis

Jun 28, 2018

In contrast to some other places, the Tallahassee area isn’t seeing widespread opioid addiction.  But to keep that relatively good situation from getting worse, a coalition of groups has joined in a well-coordinated preventive initiative.  To discuss that effort: Ellen Piekalkiewicz with the Florida State University College of Social Work; Captain Ed Cook, Criminal Investigations and Homeland Security Division supervisor with the Leon County Sheriff’s Department; Jordan Cowart with DISC Village; and Mike Watkins from Big Bend Community Based Care.

Buying a house in Tallahassee can be a daunting task. There’s the question of getting loan, selecting a location and figuring out a budget. Add to that a housing market that experts say is suffering from a lack of supply--especially for those hoping to purchase mid-range homes. That’s all coming up on this week’s Perspectives

Joining our conversation in studio are:

Ron Byrom, a national sales manager with University Lending Group

Will Shepherd, president of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors

Cristic Henry, Managing Broker at Kingdom First Realty

Perspectives: Paloma Rambana

Jun 14, 2018

Since the age of nine, a young Tallahassee lady with a visual impairment has been lobbying the Florida Legislature, speaking with members of Congress, winning awards for her advocacy and now, at the age of twelve, has written a book about her experiences.  Paloma Rambana hits the highlights of her book and also conveys her conviction that even a middle school student – given proper motivation, conviction and sufficient support network -can change the world.

Even though the Capital Region’s overall incidence of infant mortality is declining, the rate remains alarmingly high in certain populations.  To discuss the issue: Capital Area Healthy Start Coaltion Executive Director Tomica Smith; Board Chair Glenn Robertson; and Dr. Fran Close, full professor of Behavioral Science and Health Education in the Institute of Public Health in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Florida A&M University.

Perspectives: Post High School Pathways

May 31, 2018

There are SO many options for a rewarding, fulfilling life after graduation.  Or even for those who don’t graduate.  It’s just a matter of discovering what resources are available.  To talk about that are:  Todd Clark, Director of the Office of Articulation with the Florida Department of Education; Kevin Smith, Research Alliance Manager REL-Southeast, FCRR; Shelly Bell,| Director of Career Technology & Adult Education at Lively Tech; and Karen Wells, Associate Career Center Manager with CareerSource Capital Region.

Tallahassee has a larger tree canopy than most comparable cities. And as the state's capital it's filled with spaces that represent important moments in our history. Many would argue that's what gives Tallahassee the unique character that drew them here in the first place. But as more people are drawn to the city, more space for growth is needed.

Joining us to talk about that in the studio today are:

Mindy Mohrman Tallahassee's new urban forester.

Devan Leavins Director of Special Projects for the Tallahassee/Leon County planning office.

Perspectives: Florida Animation Festival

May 17, 2018

Tallahassee’s All-Saints Cinema near Railroad Square is the site for this year’s Florida Animation Festival, June 14-17.  To provide an event preview as well as a spirited discussion of cinematic animation past, present and future are: Co-founder and current President/Executive Director of the Tallahassee Film Society John Fraser; freelance computer animator Keith Osborn; Kris Petersen, vice president of Digital Media Services at The Pod; and Jonathan Stone and Tom Mikota from the Florida State University Film School.

Perspectives: Hunger in the Capital City

May 11, 2018

The latest figures indicate Leon County ranks number three statewide when it comes to the percentage of households experiencing chronic hunger.  But there are many community responses underway to alleviate that need.  Involved in this discussion are: Mary Dekle, director of development with Second Harvest of the Big Bend; Miaisha Mitchell, co-founder of the Tallahassee Food Network; Laurye Messer and Tracy Ippolito, volunteers with the Full Summer program that provides summertime sustenance to families that rely on the public schools’ breakfast and lunch programs; and Candace Gautney and K

Perspectives: Tallahassee Ballet Company

May 3, 2018

Since 1972, the Capital City has had a ballet company, dedicated to not only performance, but also to the education of aspiring young dancers.  To talk about the Company and give a preview of its upcoming performance of selections from Swan Lake and other ballets, are: Janet Pichard, Chief Executive Officer of The Tallahassee Ballet; Tyrone Brooks, Tallahassee Ballet Artistic Director; Tallahassee Ballet Choreographer Kathryn Karrh Cashin; Shelby Kennerly Augustyniak, president of the Tallahassee Ballet’s board of directors; and Jorge Arceo, Tallahassee Ballet Principal Dancer.

Perspectives: Greenways and Trails

Apr 26, 2018

The Capital Region’s growing network of trails for hiking and biking will soon include the Coastal Trail paralleling Hwy. 98 through Wakulla County.  To talk about that, and the state’s overall trail initiative are: Dale Allen, president of the Florida Greenways & Trails Foundation; John Sewell with Kimley-Horn, lead transportation consultant for the Capital City to the Sea trails project; Sheree Keeler with Wakulla County; the Florida Department of Transportation’s Jim Wood; and Jack Kostrzewa with the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency.

After 17 years as WFSU-FM’s Morning Edition Host, Ronald J. Ebben is finally hanging up his headphones.  But before his April 27 retirement, he sat down to recall an incredible six decades in the radio business he both loved and contributed so much to over the years.

Perspectives: Family First

Apr 12, 2018

Tallahassee’s Fourth Annual Family First Week and Family First Summit takes place during the week of May 7.  In advance of that occasion WFSU presents a multi-media panel discussion on how the Capital City’s private and public sectors can work together to make the area more supportive of families.  The panelists are: Dustin Daniels, chief of staff with the Office of Tallahassee Mayor; President of Bow Stern Marketing Communications Tom Derzypolski; and Multi-cultural Outreach Coordinator with Parents of the Panhandle Information Network Luciana Brown.

Forty years ago, it seemed a given that Florida’s Old Capitol would soon be demolished.  But a focused grass-roots campaign saved the structure and resulted in the lovingly restored building that still symbolizes state government to millions of people.

From Educator Henry Louis Gates Jr’s popular PBS series “Finding Your Roots” to the fascination with African heritage ignited by the blockbuster film “Black Panther,” everyone is interested in where they came from and how their personal history figures into that of America and the world.  To explore these issues are: Dr. Anthony Dixon, assistant professor and archivist at Bethune Cookman University; Bill Lowman, author, speaker, HBCU advocate and African history proponent.

Perspectives: Pets as Medicine

Mar 16, 2018

Both research and practice now show that animal interaction can have undeniable benefits for people, especially older folks.  To talk about it are: Dr. Natalie Sachs-Erickson with the FSU Dept. of Psychology who, along with the Dept. of Sociology’s Dr. Dawn Carr, studied the impact of companion animals on an aging population through the Health and Retirement Survey; and from the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Animal Therapy Program, Stephanie Perkins and Heather Gainey.

Perspectives: Lymphedema

Mar 8, 2018

All the advances in cancer diagnoses, treatment and survivability means a lot more people with lymphedema.  That’s swelling caused by compromises to the body’s lymphatic system, which results in an accumulation of fluid.  So far, there is no cure, but there are multiple therapies that can reduce the symptoms and threat of greater problems.  To talk about it are: Sheree Porter, rehab program manager at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare’s Rehabilitation Center; Kelly Uanino, occupational and certified lymphedema specialist; and Josie Gustafson, speech language pathologist with a specialty in h

Perspectives: Blues Revue

Mar 1, 2018

The Monticello Opera House hosts an All-Star Blues Revue on March 10.  In advance of the occasion, some of the participating musicians, Jim Crozier, C.S. Holt and David Cotton, discuss this ancient and uniquely American musical form and its ongoing influence on many other kinds of musical expression.

Perspectives: Apalachee Beekeepers

Feb 22, 2018

Bees not only produce delicious honey, but are a critical component in the production of other plant-based food sources.  Members of the Apalachee Beekeepers, Bob Jackson, Leah Steelw and Rick Flagg, talk about their fascinating hobby and the group’s Introduction to Beekeeping Course being offered to everyone on Saturday, Feb. 24 at the Wakulla County Extension Office in Crawfordville.

Perspectives: Tallahassee National Cemetery

Feb 15, 2018

Now nearing the third anniversary of its dedication, the Tallahassee National Cemetery is a valuable regional asset for departed military veterans and their families.  To speak about the facility and the many services and honors it provides is: Cemetery Director Raymond Miller; and the Cemetery’s Media Liaison Clark Brookstone.

Perspectives: Turning Research Into Gold

Feb 8, 2018

Tallahassee’s two universities generate hundreds of millions of dollars in research every year.  Much of this will eventually have commercial applications.  Meanwhile, Tallahassee Community College stands ready to train the workforces needed to turn the research results into actual products.  To discuss this pipeline and its promise to transform the area’s economy over the long term are: Dr. Gary Ostrander, vice president of research at Florida State University; Larry Lynch, program consultant in FSU’s Office of Research Commercialization; Dr.

Perspectives: Women For FSU

Feb 1, 2018

Nearly a decade ago, the Florida State University Foundation launched a unique program to keep more of the school’s female grads connected to the university and the greater community.

Perspectives: Local Business Roundtable

Jan 25, 2018

Four Tallahassee small business operators talk about the challenges and opportunities that abound in Florida’s Capital City and what can be done to promote more of these kinds of local enterprises.  The panelists are: Joe Berg, President of the All Saints District Community Assoc.

Perspectives: HBCUs

Jan 18, 2018

WFSU and Florida A&M University will jointly present the premiere screening of the documentary, “Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities” in FAMU’s Lee Hall Auditorium at 7 pm on January, 26, along with a panel discussion on the history, present time and future of HBCUs.  In advance of that, we discuss the topic with Kanya Stewart with the Florida A&M Office of Communications; former FAMU student now FAMU Professor Dr. Atira Charles; and Senior Journalism Student Jessicka Ward whose interview is among those appearing in the film.