Ziffer Comments on 'Dysfunction' at City Hall

Feb 13, 2018

Tallahassee City Commissioner Gil Ziffer admits there’s a lot of “dysfunction” at City Hall nowadays. He shared that and much more with the Tuesday morning meeting of local Democrats at the Uptown Cafe.

Tallahassee City Commission Gil Ziffer addressing local Democrats during their meeting.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Combine an ongoing FBI investigation, with corruption allegations against his commission colleague Scott Maddox, a mayor who’s running for governor and attacks on local autonomy by the state legislature, and Gil Ziffer admitted the Capital City’s municipal governance is a bit of a hot mess.

“We have become way too dysfunctional and if any of you have been to or watched our commission meetings, you can tell we’re not getting along real well right now,” he told several dozen Democrats during his talk.

Still, Ziffer said the city’s front-line employees are  doing a good job delivering day-to-day services.  However, he predicted some big changes are likely on the way.

“People want to see our government run by some new blood. At least, that’s what I hear.”

He expected the successful candidates for the jobs of city manager, city attorney and other top appointed posts may come from outside the city. Both Ziffer and fellow-Commissioner Nancy Miller have said they won’t seek another term on the commission.