Valdosta Police Warning Residents About Phone Scam Claiming They Won $1 Million

Jan 26, 2018

Credit MGN Online

Valdosta police are warning South Georgia residents about a possible phone scam.

According to one citizen complaint, a male caller told the intended victim she’d won $1 million from the Publishers Clearing House.

But, first she was told she had to purchase a gift card, and then he and a camera crew would be at her house to present the million dollars and authorities say most likely pick up the gift card as well.

Valdosta Police say the real Publishers Clearing House has been contacted, and deputies are investigating this as a possible scam.

So, the VPD is asking all residents to remain vigilant, be cautious about giving out any personal information, and report any tips to the police department’s Crime Tip line at 229-293-3091.

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