Uber/Lyft Bill Gathers Momentum In House

Feb 8, 2017

A bill preventing local governments from regulating what sponsors are calling transportation network companies is moving in the House, with major backers Uber and Lyft confident it will pass.

Local governments would be preempted from regulating so-called "transportation network companies" -- a top priority for Uber and Lyft -- under a bill that passed a House committee on Wednesday.

The measure would require TNCs to conduct low-level background checks on drivers and force them to carry minimum insurance, among other things.

Republican Representative Chris Sprowls of Clearwater says the bill will allow a popular service to flourish.

“Each driver seems to have a unique story about why they’re doing what they’re doing, I encourage you to ask them the next time you’re in the car. It’s a great service to all Floridians whether they’re consumers or drivers and I ask you for your thoughtful consideration.”

Critics blame the bill’s death last year on former Senate President Andy Gardner’s close friendship with an Orlando taxi service owner.

The bill cleared its first House stop on Wednesday by a comfortable, 14-1 margin.