TPD Releases 911 Call From Andrew Coffey Death

Jan 31, 2018

Andrew Coffey, 20, died Nov. 3rd during an off-campus party while pledging the FSU Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

A newly released 911 call captures the desperate scene as Florida State University fraternity members struggled to revive 20-year-old Andrew Coffey, who died of alcohol poisoning after attending a Pi Kappa Phi party in November.

Tallahassee Police released the recording Tuesday. Audio shows the fraternity members making the call expressing confusion about the address of the house and struggling to revive Coffey. They also recounted what led up to the episode.

"We had a party last night and my friend passed out on the couch on his side. His lips are purple, his body is extremely stiff, and I can't wake him up and honestly, I don't feel a pulse."

The dispatcher then proceeds to guide the caller through CPR until first responders arrive.

According to grand jury testimony, a fellow fraternity pledge found Coffey unresponsive at the party but instead of immediately calling 911, the pledge contacted other members.

Nine people are facing felony hazing charges, several of whom are leaders in fraternity chapter.