Terror Of Tallahassee To Rise From The Dead In New Location

Oct 3, 2014

Terror of Tallahassee creative director Kurt Kuersteiner says, "People are scared of haunted houses, but haunted house owners are scared of the fire marshal." Safety will be a priority at the new location, he adds.
Credit Jessica Palombo / WFSU News

Just in time for Halloween, a popular Tallahassee attraction is rising from the grave after its previous landlord sold its Gaines Street warehouse. The Terror of Tallahassee is set to open again in a new location not far from the old one.

Terror of Tallahassee owner Kurt Kuersteiner  says he’s found the perfect new home for the haunted attraction. On Friday, he walks past boxes of props and the occasional skeleton in the new space.

“This used to be a old marble and granite company," he says. "I like to think that maybe they made gravestones here.”

Keursteiner says many fans probably assumed the Terror had closed forever when its previous landlord sold its warehouse to Gaines Street developers for a couple million dollars. But he says the forced move has allowed him to purchase the new location and become more creative with the thrills.

"What we essentially do here is we provide a roller coaster. There’s no machines, per se, but we get inside the brain and we make people’s emotions go way up and way down," he says. 

If it passes its final inspection, Terror of Tallahassee is set to open Oct. 17 and run through Halloween. Its new home is on Lake Bradford Road near the railroad overpass.