Tax Exemption On Diapers, Feminine Hygiene Products Clears First Senate Committee

Nov 7, 2017

Credit iStockphoto

A bill giving a tax exemption on diapers and feminine hygiene products has cleared its first Florida Senate committee.

On average, packaged diapers can cost up to 75 dollars a month. While this is just part of the monthly budget for some families, Sen. Lauren Book (D-Plantation) says that’s not true for everyone.

“For 52 percent of Florida’s children under the age of three—who live in low income families—as do 10 percent of Florida’s elders…for these families, the cost of diapers can present impossible choices: ‘Should we pay for the electric bill or buy diapers?’ Families living in poverty tend to make diapers last longer by changing them less frequently, which is more than uncomfortable. It’s unhealthy, and can causes serious and costly medical issues,” said Book, during the Senate Commerce and Tourism committee.

That’s why Book says she sponsored the bill (SB 56) giving a tax break not only for diapers, but also incontinence products for women, like pads and liners. Meanwhile, its House companion has not yet had a hearing.

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