Tallahassee Women's March Marks Anniversary of Post-Inaugural Protest

Jan 22, 2018

Tallahasseans joined the hundreds of thousands of protestors nationwide who took to the streets on Saturday, a year after President Trump's inauguration and the historic Women's March that followed.

Hundreds gathered outside the eastern steps of the Historic Florida Capitol on Saturday, the destination for Tallahassee's Women's March.
Credit Margie Menzel

About 400 people gathered at the Old Capitol to commemorate the anniversary and show they are still committed to resisting the Trump agenda.

"We have blocked the ACA repeal. We have gone to the airport and stood up or immigrants. And we have more to do! There's a blue wave coming!"

That call from the podium brought cheers.

Meanwhile protestors signed postcards with messages to the president and Congressional leaders. But Adrian Young, community engagement director with the Florida Democratic Party, urged them to spread their message further – specifically, by engaging voters in rural areas.

"There are thousands of voters, and we're pretty much ignoring them. I want to change that. I'm asking everybody here also to go out in the rural counties. We all know Leon and other areas of Florida are very strong bastions of the Democratic Party. I want all of us to go further out in these communities and find these people and let them know we are also here for them. Hear their conversation. Tailor our conversations for those counties," said Young addressing the crowd.

Other protests occurred across the state as well, in Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Saint Petersburg, and other cities.