Tallahassee Represent! Chef Shac is "Chopped" Champion

Jun 7, 2017

A Tallahassee cook swept the competition in Tuesday night’s (6/6) “Chopped” show on Food Network.

Chef Shac dishing up her unique variety of southern cuisine for appreciative diners.
Credit www.chefshac.com

“Chef Shac” – whose given name is Shacafrica Simmons – beat out three other contenders in the popular Food Network program to take the title of “Chopped Champion” and a ten-thousand dollar prize. Speaking earlier with WFSU, she predicted her style of cooking, which she calls “Southern Fusion”, would win the day.

“The south has the best ingredients, the best flavors, the best heritage around cooking," she said. "And so I like to take what I’ve been taught and fold in other cultures and it seems like everything seems to work pretty well with our southern flair of cooking."

Certainly well enough to bring a lot of favorable national attention to her culinary artistry and hometown of Tallahassee.