Tallahassee Police To Receive Grant To Curb Drunk Driving

Nov 24, 2014

Credit Tallahassee Police Department

Tallahassee ranks among the top ten Florida cities for alcohol-related crashes.

Tallahassee commission members are expected to accept a $110,000 grant from the Florida Department of Transportation Tuesday to help officials cut down on DUI-related crashes. Tallahassee Police Officer Scott Beck says the department will use the grant for more driver education and DUI enforcement.

“That would be DUI check points, that would be DUI roving patrols, that would mean overtime for officers that want to work the DUI safe streets, things like that,” Beck says.

Officers want to cut the number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities by 10 percent compared to the average over the past three years.  According to a report from the city staff, last year officers made 467 DUI arrests. 145 crashes were DUI related. That’s a reduction from 2012 when 177 crashes were linked to drunk driving.