Tallahassee Police Internally Investigating 'Disturbing' DUI Arrest

Sep 11, 2013

Credit TPD

The Tallahassee Police Department is internally investigating last month’s arrest resulting in a woman’s broken eye socket bone. The department says it’s “very concerned” about her injuries.

The two arresting officers in the video are on paid administrative leave as Tallahassee Police Chief Dennis Jones conducts the investigation.  But on Wednesday, TPD spokesman Dave Northway said there’s no word on whether the officers will be disciplined or the department will change its procedures for handling those it arrests.

“The investigation is still ongoing for our department, so until that is complete, we will not be able to make any decisions," he says.

In the video, which is now getting national attention, Christina West is arrested for DUI after allegedly crashing a car full of teenage foreign exchange students into a house. After the altercation with police seen on the tape, West was treated for the broken orbital bone and several bruises and cuts.

It’s a video Northway says turns his stomach.

“We as a department understand that the video is very disturbing to watch. And it is for us too," he says.

District Two State Attorney Willie Meggs says the video is "troubling." He’s conducting his own review of whether officers used excessive force.