Tallahassee Mayor Wants More Participation In Local Advisory Boards

Mar 16, 2015

Mayor Gillum releases Citizen Advisory Committee survey.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum wants to see more participation in local government. He’s launched a survey to get feedback on the city’s numerous advisory boards.

Citizen Advisory Committees allow individuals to engage with City Hall on a number of issues to effectively conduct business in City Hall.  The survey asks residents to identify areas of interest—like arts and culture, ethics and transportation the hope being, Community Relations Coordinator Jamie Van Pelt says, more people will get involved in local government.

“The mayor has made a commitment to overhaul how citizen advisory committees are utilized by taking a diligent approach to reading through each application and making appointments and recommendations that maximize diversity, inclusion and quality,” Van Pelt says.

The survey is available online via the Mayor’s Facebook and Twitter page.