Tallahassee Firefighters Urge Safety As Number Of Blazes Grows

Apr 23, 2018

Credit Ryan Benk / WFSU News

The number of fires in Tallahassee is up this year compared to the same time last year.  firefighters are hoping to extinguish that trend with a fire safety workshop Tuesday.

Every season comes with fire hazards. That’s according to TFD Lieutenant Robert Clary. During the summer, he says grills can present a safety concern.

We have seen fires where people cook too close to the house and the fire from the grill catches the house on fire. It’s never a good idea to leave any cook appliance unattended and if you’re cooking with a grill or anything of that nature it’s usually a good idea to leave it at least 10 feet from the overhang of your house," Clary says.

Clary urges people to take fire safety precautions such as ensuring their smoke alarms work and learning how to use fire extinguishers. Those are a few of the topics the TFD will cover during its fire safety workshop Tuesday evening at 6:30 at its training center on Municipal Way.