Summit Showcases Education As Economic Development Tool

Jun 2, 2016

The Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation is highlighting the need for a talented workforce at its annual education forum.

Credit Thomas Favre-Bulle /

Thursday’s summit brought together advocacy groups and businesses from across the state, to talk about education as an economic development tool. This year’s theme of ‘Learners To Earners’ focuses on preparing students for the job market. Jennifer Grove of Gulf Power Company was a featured speaker. She says businesses should shape curriculum.

“We need to bring back a direct industry tie to the Florida Department of Education. Not just through the cluster working groups that we used to have but through opportunities where real Florida industry can guide academics within academic curriculum,” Grove said.

Some may question the role of businesses in the classroom. But speakers, like education commissioner Pam Stewart, and economic development officer Cissy Proctor say future jobs will depend on a talented, educated workforce.