Study Raises Concern Over Diversity, Qualifications Of Judicial Nominees

Aug 2, 2018

For more than 60 years, The Bar Association has evaluated the qualifications of nominees to the U.S. Supreme and Federal courts. The Bar has three possible ratings for nominees: “Well Qualified”, “Qualified”, and “Not Qualified.”
Credit Kaleigh Wright

The research group Integrity Florida is raising concern about what it sees as a lack of diversity in President Donald Trump’s judicial nominations. 

President Trump has nominated eight judges for positions in Florida. Five of them are white, two are Hispanic, and one is black. Of the Florida nominations, seven are male, and one is female. The Trump administration has said it prioritizes “qualifications” over “diversity”. But Integrity Florida’s Ben Wilcox questions the qualifications of Trump’s nominees as well. He says the American Bar Association has found four Trump nominees are not qualified for the job.

“This 15 member committee rates nominees and potential nominees based on an objective evaluation of criteria that includes integrity, professional experience, competence, and temperament. The ratings are not based on politics or ideology," says Wilcox.

According to the American Bar’s standards, Trump has nominated more “Not Qualified” judges than President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.