Steube: Give Dogs A Fighting Chance

Sep 4, 2015

Republican State Representative Greg Steube of Sarasota is on a mission to save dogs in trouble. Steube is filing a bill that makes it harder to euthanize dogs that injure people.

Padi the 4-year-old lab could be put down after biting a child in the ear. Rep. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota, is filing legislation to give dog owners more arguments to save their pets.

Steube got together with local officials in his district after Padi, a four-year-old lab, bit a small child in the ear earlier this summer. Steube’s bill allows hearing officers to consider such things as whether a dog was being provoked, or defending its owner, before it’s put down.

“Under current law, the hearing officer cannot take in or consider any testimony of provocation, or any testimony as it relates to why the dog did what it did.”

Steube’s bill doesn’t make it harder to euthanize a dog when it causes fatal injuries.