State looking for managed care companies for Medicaid

Mar 21, 2012

Florida is pushing forward with its plan to shift more than three million Floridians on Medicaid into managed care. The move is part of a state overhaul of the program that provides state and federally subsidized healthcare to low-income people. Lynn Hatter reports the first group to go into the managed care system will be seniors.

 The state Agency for Health Care Administration is looking for managed-care companies interested in long-term care for seniors. On Wednesday the agency sent out notice for companies to submit letters of intent on whether they plan to bid for contracts in the new Medicaid system.

Last year state lawmakers approved a Medicaid overhaul supporters say will save the state a billion dollars the first year it’s fully in effect. Those savings would come from an automatic rate reduction to the managed care companies that would be responsible for patient care. The state is seeking federal approval of the changes, which would first apply to seniors who need long-term care.