State Board to consider changes to school grading system

Feb 27, 2012

The State Board of Education will consider proposals that will increase the number of “F”- rated schools in Florida. Lynn Hatter reports, the Board is set to meet Tuesday to consider changes in the way the state calculates school grades.

The proposed changes to the school grading formula has met with opposition from superintendents, parents, and advocates for disabled students. Under the changes, schools where less than a quarter of students are rated proficient in reading on the state standardized FCAT test, would automatically receive an “F” grade.

In advance of the meeting the board dropped another proposal that would have included students with disabilities in the grading system.

State Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson says the changes are necessary to reflect changes in the FCAT test and new end-course exams. A revised formula will also satisfy the state’s waiver to the federal No Child Left Behind law.