Starting Friday, Floridians Can Buy Computers, Clothes, School Supplies Tax-Free

Jul 31, 2014

The first $750 of computer purchases made in Florida this weekend will be tax-free.
Credit Vernon Chan via Flickr

This weekend is one many Florida shoppers and retailers look forward to all year. This year’s back-to-school sales tax holiday applies to more expensive items than last year’s did.

School supplies, clothes, computers and computer accessories qualify for tax-free shopping all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This year, shoppers can get out of stores with $100 worth of clothes and $750 worth of computers without paying a penny of tax.

Florida Retail Federation spokesman John Fleming says back to school shopping brings in $5 billion statewide.

“And no matter where you go and where you shop, those items are going to be tax free, so just about everybody who’s buying something somewhere over the weekend is going to get a little piece of this some way or the other," he says. 

This year, the Florida Legislature made changes making more items qualify for tax-free status. Last year, Fleming says, a computer that cost more than $750 would not qualify—but this weekend the first $750 of any computer will be untaxed.