Sharing Tree Expands its Creative Side

Apr 16, 2018

What began as an art supply source for teachers and families is now a creative space for kids. Carly Sinnadurai welcoming visitors to the rebirth of The Sharing Tree at the Centre of Tallahassee yesterday (Sunday, April 15).

Just one of the many creative spaces in the new Sharing Tree
Credit Tom Flanigan

"The stuff we were getting was so amazing and generous from the community, but it didn't have that energy and flair. So now if we can play and paint with it, people come in and we're creating as a community, I think that's the magic of the donated stuff," she said as the first wave of visitors entered the gaily decorated space.

The Sharing Tree had been in a temporary location in the former mall while the owners brought the space up to code. Now, Sinnadurai says the fully-realized former retail store can become a place for children to express themselves with virtually no restrictions.

"Something new and unique, a creative play lab and you're to see gadgets and gizmos in there. They're not told, 'Don't touch!' here. They're told, 'Please touch, explore, wonder!' and learn through the creative play that we're not getting so much anymore."