Sen. Detert, Americans For Prosperity Clash Over Film Incentives

Apr 3, 2015

Republican Senator Nancy Detert is at odds with the libertarian leading Americans For Prosperity. The lobby group opposes Detert’s efforts to reign in film incentives, and says her proposal calling for projects to be ranked—doesn’t go far enough.

Detert recently expressed frustration with the AFP—but now the organization has fired back.

In a statement, Americans for Prosperity calls Detert’s comments, quote, “disrespectful.” AFP-Florida’s state director Chris Hudson says Detert insulted his organization, when she expressed her view on the organization’s lobbying against her film incentive reform bill. Here’s Detert:

“I hope you’re getting paid a lot of money to show up at these meetings and say meaningless things," she said.

AFP is opposed to incentive programs in general, describing them as wasteful spending. The state spends millions of dollars in incentives to bring and keep businesses in Florida, and lawmakers tend to have mixed views on whether some of those programs are worth their costs.