Scott Signs Off On Ed Bill School Districts Asked Him To Veto

Jun 15, 2017

Charter schools have scored a key victory following Governor Rick Scott’s approval of a large education bill. But just because the measure is now law does not mean it will go unchallenged.

House Bill 7069 requires districts to share both local and federal funding with charter schools. School districts like Miami Dade have said the move could cost them tens of millions of dollars. Charter schools have historically received less money than traditional schools due to gaps in local funding. And Charter Schools USA Lobbyist Chris Moya says the new law brings charter schools funding parity.

“If the child generated those dollars for their education, then the dollars follow the child to whatever public school they go to. That’s the basic concept," he says.

The new mandates recess for some elementary school students, pares down on a few standardized tests and seeks to incentivize charter school companies to set up near chronically failing public schools. The measure has been heavily criticized for being carved out between legislative leaders with little transparency and opposition has been bipartisan as well.

Moya predicts the issue will eventually end up in court.