Scott to lawmakers: fund education, pass PIP reform

Jan 10, 2012

Governor Rick Scott had a very short wish list for Florida lawmakers Tuesday.  Tom Flanigan reports the governor did have two top priorities he wants to see addressed above everything else.

The top priority is more money for public schools.  In his State of the State address, Scott insisted the legislature up public school funding by just over a billion dollars.  The governor’s other priority is putting an end to personal injury protection or “PIP” fraud.  He says that’s costing auto insurance policy holders an extra nine-hundred million dollars.

“These costs are being driven up each and every day all around the state by scams that are ultimately paid for by Florida’s working families.”

Both chambers have different bills addressing the issue.  One measure would totally do away with no-fault auto insurance in Florida.  Another would tighten up the existing system to fight fraud.  That bill gets an early Wednesday morning hearing before the House Insurance Subcommittee.