Scott Appoints 16 Without Confirmation

May 4, 2015

Not all of the political warfare in the Capitol is between the House and Senate. Gov. Rick Scott fired a shot over the bow of Senate President Andy Gardiner today, reappointing 16 agency heads who weren’t confirmed.

Gov. Rick Scott fired back at a fellow Republican, Senate President Andy Gardiner, appointing 16 top agency heads who weren't confirmed. Gardiner threatened not to pass Scott's tax cuts.
Credit Office of Gov. Rick Scott

Scott’s appointments last only a year and include Department of Health Secretary John Armstrong. A committee tabled his confirmation when he expressed no opinion about Scott’s opposition to expanding Medicaid.

The list also includes the new head of the Department of Corrections, Julie Jones and Mike Carroll, the head of the troubled Department of Children and Families.

Also reappointed: Jon Sterverson, the new Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. He also requires Cabinet approval.