Rep. Gaetz Sets Hearing Date For Williams’ Stand Your Ground Repeal Bill

Oct 18, 2013

A widely-anticipated hearing on a bill that would repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law will happen the next time Florida lawmakers come to Tallahassee for a committee week.

A listing for The House Criminal Justice Subcommittee’s meeting for Thursday, November 7th currently doesn’t say much beyond the fact it’s supposed to last five hours. But a spokeswoman for committee chair Matt Gaetz, who wants to keep the law intact, confirmed to WFSU Friday the hearing will focus on Tallahassee Democratic Representative Alan Williams bill to do away with Stand Your Ground. The committee was expected to hold the hearing this month, but Gaetz says it was delayed to work around Williams’ schedule. Now, Williams says he’s looking forward to the first week of November.

“But, even though we are louder and more vocal, so are the folks on the other side of the conversation. We need to make sure that we at least don’t get drowned out. So, that’s why come November, the week of November 4th—more than likely the end of that week is when we’re going to have the hearing on the Stand Your Ground law,” said Williams.

Williams made his comments during a Thursday Florida A and M University forum discussing Stand Your Ground

Meanwhile, according to the released Florida House schedule, the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee will meet Thursday, November 7th, in the Knott building from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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