Red Snapper Season Commences On June 11th

Jun 7, 2018

Monday marks the beginning of the recreational Red Snapper Season in Florida. Lasting until July 20th in Gulf and Federal waters, this season is unique to its predecessors. 

Older female red snappers contribute far more eggs than younger females. An eight year old fish can produce as many eggs as 212 five year old fish.
Credit FWC Photo

Florida and the adjacent Gulf States are testing pilot programs issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to set their own recreational red snapper season. Through an Exempted Fishing Permit, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will be able to monitor fishing data. Jessica McCawley is the Director of Marine Fisheries Management at the FWC. She explains how fishermen can partake on the water.

“To participate in this year’s season, recreational anglers need to purchase a salt water fishing license, unless they are exempt. They also need to add the ‘Gulf Reef Fish Angler’ to that license, and they can do so at no cost by going to, or any place that fishing licenses are sold," McCawley says.

All anglers must follow the 16 inch length minimum size limit for a snapper and have a two fish bag limit.