Rackleff Kicks Off Congressional Campaign

Jan 22, 2018

Former Leon County Commissioner Bob Rackleff held his campaign kickoff for Florida's Second Congressional District at the Lake Ella American Legion Home on Sunday (1/21). He is among a Democratic field of three candidates hoping to unseat Republican Incumbent Neal Dunn.

Sunday's campaign kickoff for Congressional Candidate Bob Rackleff at the Lake Ella American Legion hall.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Rackleff supporters filled the Legion Hall as music played and friends of the candidate sang his praises from the stage. Rackleff said he's the first to acknowledge victory for any Democrat in the heavily Republican Second District is a long shot.

"This is a congressional district that Trump won with 66% of the vote," he said. "So no one has to tell me this is an uphill fight."

Still, Rackleff believed the president's slipping poll numbers and the weekend's government shutdown might provide an opening for Democrats like himself in the 2018 midterm election. The two other Democrats Rackleff will face in the August 28 primary election are Robert Cepeda from Youngstown and Franklin Schuler from Bronson.