Progressive Canvassers Hit the Streets

Sep 11, 2018

Progressive Democrats launched a statewide voter canvassing effort in Florida over the weekend. The campaign got underway from Tallahassee's For Our Future headquarters, in a tiny office on East Lafayette Street.

Tallahassee canvassers pose for a group photo before starting their get-out-the-vote campaign in Tallahassee.
Credit Tom Flanigan

That office was packed with dozens of young volunteers on Saturday morning, September 8th. For Our Future Deputy Field Director Jordan Anderson told them they were just one of 60 such efforts across Florida.

"We've got canvasses going out across the state and we're here today in Tallahassee trying to get people to vote for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson."

Coordinating the Capital City canvass, David Akintandi. The target, he said, was voters who skip mid-term elections or simply feel their vote doesn't matter at all.

"We tell people, 'I understand you don't like what's going on. Make sure you get out and help us and we can make history moving forward."

With that, the volunteers hit the streets, carrying that message to neighborhoods, especially those with historically low voter turnouts all over Tallahassee.