Present and Past Community Leaders Step Up for Incumbent Leon Sheriff

Sep 19, 2016

Candidate endorsements usually don’t mean much, especially in local races. But the incumbent candidate for Leon County Sheriff has amassed a big group of the community’s present and past leaders to sing his praises.

Leon County Sheriff Mike Wood stands in front of several of his endorsers during today's (Monday, 9/19) media event at the Florida Press Center.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Among that group, five current Leon County and Tallahassee City commissioners, including Gil Ziffer, who noted those officials don’t always agree on issues.

“But we all agree that the job of safeguarding our community shouldn’t come down to the political party we most prefer, but rather that person best equipped to do the job,” Ziffer said.

That person, said the nearly 20 endorsers, ranging from former Florida Lt. Gov. Bobby Brantley to former Leon County Sheriff’s Eddie Boone and Ken Katsaris, is the man now holding the job, Mike Wood.

“I think it’s important for the community to know that the community leaders support my candidacy. I think my victory in the sheriff’s race is important to this community,” Wood said, standing before the long line of supporters.

Wood, running as having no party affiliation although a lifelong Democrat, faces Democrat Walt McNeil, Republican Charlie Strickland and another no-party candidate Tommy Mills in the November 8th election.