NRA Pushes Back Against Those Calling For Veto Of Bill Blocking Mentally Ill To Buys Guns

Jun 21, 2013

The National Rifle Association is pushing back against thousands of e-mails sent to the Governor Rick Scott’s office in recent weeks asking him to veto the only gun bill that passed this Legislative Session.  The bill’s aim is to close a loophole in current Florida law that essentially allows those who voluntarily check into a mental health facility to purchase a firearm.

Thousands of emails flooding the Governor’s inbox call for a veto of the NRA-backed gun bill (HB 1355) because they believe it will impede on people’s Second Amendment rights. But, NRA Lobbyist Marion Hammer says she hopes to counter what she calls “false information” and recently sent out an e-mail alert to NRA members.

“And, explain that this bill merely keeps people who are determined to be a danger to themselves or others, who are in a mental facility, from being able to purchase guns until they have had treatment and are no longer a danger,” said Hammer.

Hammer says she’s also asked NRA members to contact the Governor and urge him sign the bill. She adds she also hopes to talk with Scott soon before the July 2nd deadline for him to take action on the bill.

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