North Florida Corrections Officer Facing Felony Charges For Smuggling Contraband

Nov 5, 2015

Former Suwannee Correctional officer Alice Edwards
Credit Suwannee County Sheriff's office

A north Florida correctional officer has been arrested for smuggling contraband into a prison.

Alice Edwards of Live Oak is facing felony charges for introducing contraband into Suwannee Correctional Institution as well as unlawful compensation by a public official. A lot of arrests reported by the Florida Department of Corrections over the past few months deal with contraband, and a recent audit states it’s a problem within the state’s prison system—which Prison head Julie Jones says she’s investigating.

“We’re going to spend a lot more time looking at our visitors, our visitor parks, the cameras, and associated policies and procedures associated with our visitors,” said Jones, about a month ago.

Meanwhile, Edwards is the first reported correctional officer from Suwannee so far arrested for contraband. At least four correctional officers from that area have been arrested for assaulting inmates and lying about it. 

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