New Law Allows Florida Voters To Show Concealed Weapons License As Valid ID

Apr 1, 2016


Under a new law, a concealed weapons license is now an acceptable form of identification for Florida voters to present at the polls.

Rep. Danny Burgess (R-San Antonio) says currently, there are different forms of ID that can be used for voter registration or as ID at the polls.

“For forms of registration, U.S. Passports, debit or credit cards, military IDs, student IDs, retirement center IDs, neighborhood association IDs, public assistance IDs,” he said. “And, for IDs at the polling place because those are distinguishable in certain circumstances: your driver’s license, Florida Identification cards, U.S. Passports, debit or credit cards and some of the other ones I just listed.”

Now, Burgess says the new law allows voters to present a concealed weapons license or a Veteran Health ID card. It also includes federal, state, and local employee IDs. After Governor Rick Scott signed Burgess’ measure into law Friday, it immediately took effect.

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