New Homes For Puppy Mill Rescues

Mar 19, 2019

Nearly 100 homeless dogs - most of them recent rescues from a South Georgia puppy mill - were vying for new homes on Saturday, March 16. The mass animal adoption event called "Paws for a Cause" took place at Proctor's Subaru on Capital Circle.

Dozens of people adopted dogs, including those recently rescued from the South Georgia puppy mill, during the Paws for a Cause event.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The dealership's showroom was packed with people. But intstead of looking for cars, most were hoping to drive off with a new puppy. Leon County Humane Society Executive Director Lisa Glunt said taking on 76 badly neglected puppy mill refugees strained her organization's resources to the limit

"Without people who donate their time, their money, their supplies, without that in place already we have no ability to take animals in from circumstances like this," she noted. "It's simply a great cause! They are always welcome to talk to us and find out a little more about our programs and what we do for the community. But as you can see from this event, people are definitely reaching out for these dogs."

The local society was one of several animal service groups that rescued more than 600 dogs from the puppy mill.