New Affordable Housing Development has Grand Opening in Frenchtown

Feb 1, 2019

A large affordable-housing development in Tallahassee’s Frenchtown had its formal ribbon cutting on Thursday, Jan. 31. The new Casanas Village complex is located on historic ground

Credit Tom Flanigan

The idea for a large affordable housing development on the corner of West Georgia and North Macomb had its genesis years ago. Big Bend Community Development Corporation President Regina Davis was among its most persistent advocates.

“This village is now called ‘our home’ by 88 families," she said during the grand opening ceremony. "It is our prayer that these families will now create their own history in Frenchtown.”

That was especially appropriate, said David Deutch, with the project’s developer Pinnacle Housing Group, because such pains had been taken to preserve what had been on the site.

“It feels bigger than a normal grand opening for us today because we’re in historic Frenchtown. And what we tried to accomplish here was maintain that sense of history and community,” he said.

Depending on resident income, Casanas Village apartments are priced as low as just under $400 a month.