National Chain Pot Shop Opens in Tallahassee

Nov 19, 2019

Tallahassee’s eighth medical marijuana dispensary held its grand opening on Tuesday, Nov. 19.  The new MedMen store next to Midtown Manor on Thomasville Road is part of a large national chain.

MedMen Regional Governmental AffairsDirector Nick Hansen (in suit) prepares for the Tallahassee store's ribbon cutting with shop employees.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Nick Hansen, MedMen’s regional director of government affairs, said the firm’s signature bright red shops can be found all over the country.

“Operating in California, as well as Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, Nevada and now here in Florida.”

But Hansen said Florida’s present medical-marijuana- only law is considered just a way-stop on the road to full recreational legalization for adult users, as proposed in a constitutional amendment that’s now attracting signatures.

“We just reached Supreme Court review last week and as of this morning have about 100,000 (signatures) verified and there are a couple of thousand behind that in the cue. We are on pace to get there. A tight window for sure, but we know we can do it.”

To date, recreational marijuana use by adults is legal in a dozen states.