Museum Invites Volunteers To Unearth 5 Million Year Old Fossils

Nov 23, 2016

The Florida Museum of Natural History is inviting volunteers to help dig up five million year old fossils.

A Florida Museum of Natural History volunteer at a fossil dig site.
Credit Florida Museum Of Natural History /

At the Montbrook fossil site in Levy County, volunteers can help unearth bones from an ancient freshwater ecosystem teeming with diverse creatures. Recent fossilized finds range from small critters like mice and salamanders, all the way up to extinct rhinos, llamas, and a distant relative of the elephant. Museum curator Jonathan Bloch says the area is full of freshwater vertebrates, more than any other site of its kind in the Southeast. Volunteers must be at least eighteen years old, or accompanied by an adult. The Florida Museum of Natural History is welcoming amateur archeologists through December 18th, and again in the spring from January through May.