Medical Cannabis Physician Says THC Caps Are Needed

Apr 12, 2019

In this June 21, 2018, photo, laboratory manager Emily Savage demonstrates how she uses an instrument to photograph cannabis samples at CW Analytical Laboratories, in Oakland, Calif. California's new rules require testing of marijuana for pesticides and contaminants such as heavy metals, solvents and mold. They also say edibles must be tested to determine concentrations of the mind-altering ingredient THC.
Credit Jeff Chiu / AP Photo

A bill filed last week would set a limit on the amount of THC that can be dispensed to 10%. The bill also allows military veterans to waive their yearly $75-dollar Medical Marijuana Card fee. Opponents don’t like the first portion and think tying it to the veterans’ fee waiver is bad policy. I spoke with Dr. Mark Moore a certified medical cannabis physician with MEDCAN about his thoughts.

  1.   Do you think 10% cap on THC is going to be a high enough percentage to help patients?
  2. For those used to a higher percentage will going down to 10% harm them?
  3. For those who use medical cannabis as a way to get off of opioids. Do your patients use it for this? Will 10% THC be enough for them to use it as a subsititute.
  4. Should there be a THC cap on all form of marijuana.
  5. Also the bill includes a waiver fee for military veterans. Do you think this will help them enough?
  6. Can a higher percentage of THC cause effects of psychosis?
  7. Is 2.5 ounces every 35 days enough for patients?