Mangum, Price Interview For FAMU Presidency; Decision To Come Thursday

Jan 8, 2014

Florida A&M University’s Board of Trustees has interviewed the two finalists for the school’s presidency. But as the board nears a decision on who gets the job—one issue is left unanswered what to do about interim president Larry Robinson.

Elmira Mangum is Cornell University’s Vice President of Budget. John Price is the former founding president of the University of North Texas-Dallas. Wednesday they discussed why they want to be the FAMU’s next president:

“I’m interested in this position because I believe that at this point in FAMU’s history, my experience could help FAMU move into the 21st Century in a way different from its past," Mangum told the board.

"I am an individual who loves a challenge. I’m not someone who wants to be president to say I’m president. I want to be somewhere where I am contributing and making a difference," Price said while making his pitch to the group.

Both Mangum and Price have strong backgrounds in finance—an area FAMU has struggled with in the recent past. But it’s still unclear whether the board will act on requests to interview the school’s interim President, Larry Robinson, for the full-time gig. It's unclear whether he's eligible for the job or wants it, since he did not apply for the position.

One thing Robinson, Mangum and Price have in common is none is a FAMU alum. Trustees are set to meet again Thursday and could decide then who Florida A&M’s 11th president will be.