Local Group Helping Recovering Addicted Women Celebrates 25 Years

Apr 14, 2016

Rosalind Y. Tompkins, the Founder and President of Mothers In Crisis
Credit Rosalind Tompkins' twitter

A local non-profit organization is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a three-day event, starting Friday. The goal of “Mothers In Crisis” is to help women with substance abuse issues.

Rosalind Tompkins is the Founder and President of Mothers In Crisis.

“It’s a grassroots initiative that I started back in 1991 to help women just like myself recover from drugs and alcohol addiction,” she said.

Tompkins founded Mothers In Crisis in Tallahassee, when she was four years clean and was working as a social worker. Now, she says over the years, her organization has helped more than 10,000 families in the North Florida area.  And, she’s excited to celebrate its 25th year, starting Friday.

“We’ll be having a soiree on April 15th,” Tompkins added.  “We have a Hope 2.0 workshop, where we’re bringing in an international missionary on April 16th, on that Saturday. And, then, on the Sunday, we’re going to have a reunion service and have one of the Longest Tables because we’re going to eat dinner on the grounds. It’s all taking place at Turning Point International Church, 6866 Blountstown Highway.”

For more information, visit Hope-Universe.com.

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